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Gaming is a platform which is made solely for the purpose of entertainment. It is necessary to play responsibly for your own good and avoid getting affected by games. We, at Rummy Pandit, provide a safe, secure and responsible environment to play rummy. We will monitor your games and won’t let you spend too much time or money by keeping track of your playing hours and deposits, as we consider them as our family members and their safety and comfort is our utmost priority. This will prevent any kind of compulsive or obsessive behaviour and it will keep you healthy. Therefore, at every stage of marketing or advertising, we highlight this to make our players aware of its risk and addiction.

These are the following measures we take to ensure safe and responsible play:

1.We don’t allow anyone below the age of 18 years to create an account on our app/website.

2.Our players are alerted in case if they suffer a loss exceeding Rs.20,000/- in a day.

3.We monitor your gaming behaviour and set limits accordingly.

4.We set time limits, spending limits and depositing limits to avoid addiction.

5.We also have an anti-collusion tracking system to prevent any kind of cheating.

6.We protect the user’s information using high-end encryption.

7.If the Players wish to take a break, then they can do so by using the ‘Self-Termination’ option.

There are also some measures that you have to take while gaming to make sure that the game doesn’t consume you. A good hobby can turn into a bad habit and it can waste both your time and money.

These are some dos and don’ts you have to follow:

  • Do ensure that the game is only for entertainment and not a place where you can earn money.
  • Don’t spend more money on the game than you do on basic needs like food, shelter.
  • Do keep a track of how many hours you play daily.
  • Don’t let it take ample time out of your day; this will prevent the game from hindering important things like work, family, etc.
  • Don’t let Rummy Pandit interfere with your personal and professional life.
  • Do not argue with family or friends over Rummy Pandit.
  • Don’t take a loan for playing Rummy.
  • Don’t play the game when you’re angry, upset, stressed or depressed. It might worsen your mood and affect your mental health.
  • Don’t try to recover your losses. If you have a bad string of games, you should take a step back and come later with a fresh mindset.
  • Do keep your own limit and follow it with discipline to prevent spending too much of your bank account/amount.
  • Don’t let people under the age of 18 years to play the game. Keep your bank account and rummy account details safe from the young ones amongst your friends and family.
  • Do keep a strong password for your account to prevent others from spending your money.
  • Don’t regret too much over lost money or lost time spent on the game and definitely don’t punish yourself for it.
  • Do learn from your mistakes and make better choices in the future.


You can adopt the following methods for responsible play:

  • Spend good, quality time with your family.
  • Balance your time and money to play Rummy Pandit.
  • Keep a track of your finances from time to time.
  • Take a break from time to time.
  • Play Rummy for entertainment only.
  • If you have suffered losses, then do not play with the aim to recover your losses.
  • Set daily, weekly and monthly deposit limits.
  • Self-Termination.

Using this Self-Termination policy, players can temporarily terminate themselves from online gaming by applying a "time out" facility for certain pre-specified durations as may be selected by the players.

  • When in Self-Termination period, you will not be able to add cash, play games or login to Rummy Pandit.
  • The request for Self-Termination has to be mailed to us on techquery@rummypandit.com

We play games to have a good time but it is important to know that there are also some side effects which occur due to excessive playing, spending too much money on games, etc. These side effects might lead to problems with your health, work, personal life and social life.

Note: - If you have any suggestions or disagree with any of these measures, do let us know with as much explanation as possible. Contact us anytime at techquery@rummypandit.com

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