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These TERMS AND CONDITIONS regulate the relationship between www.rummypandit.com (hereafter also referred to as "We" or "Us" or "Our" or "www.rummypandit.com" or “Website” and you as a user of services or products provided by us (hereafter also referred to as “You” or “Player” or “user” or “he” or “she” or “his” or “her” “your”). 


If you are unwilling to follow our Terms and Conditions which may include any of our future changes or amendments or modifications in our Terms and Conditions, you may opt to terminate the use of the services that we offer on our website.


Before you create an account with us or use “Our Services”, you should ensure that you read, understand, and agree with all the terms and conditions incorporated in this agreement and agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions. You can contact us in case you have any queries regarding the agreement at techquery@www.rummypandit.com.

We reserve the right to change, alter, modify, or amend any of the terms of this agreement at any time without giving any prior notice. Such changes will be notified to you either by notification in a manner we may deem fit or by posting the amended agreement on www.rummypandit.com. If you do not agree with the terms of the amended or modified agreement, you must stop using the services and must notify us immediately that you wish to terminate your account, in case you fail to do so, it will be presumed that you have accepted the changes, alterations, modifications or amendments in our terms. 


To use the services and products provided by www.rummypandit.com, the player is required to do prior registration of an account as a player on our website, and this registration must be accepted by us. www.rummypandit.com reserves the right to deny player registrations without indicating any reason for rejection. The player is strictly restricted by creating multiple registrations, as well as the setting up and operation of multiple accounts at www.rummypandit.com. Player accounts are non-transferable.

The player must be of 18 years of age or older to register himself on our website. 

The player being aware and having knowledge that playing rummy game on our website may result in financial loss, the player is voluntarily participating in the activity and accept all responsibility for and risk resulting from his participation, including all risk of financial loss and neither www.rummypandit.com nor its employees, directors, officers, and agents will be held liable with respect to any claims, loss and costs associated with the player’s participation in the game of rummy. The player should not allow any person who is under the age of 18 years of age to use or access his/her account. He/she must not allow or assist anyone under 18 years of age to access our website or services on his computer or any device or by any other means. The player will be solely responsible and accepts complete liability for any consequences due to any such activity that may arise because of the usage of the services by any user under the age of 18 years and www.rummypandit.com, their staff, directors, employees, officers or their related agents, will not be held liable for any losses incurred due to such activities. 


The player must choose a unique username and a secure password. The player has an option to log in through their Google Account or Facebook account also. Passwords must not be shared but kept secret and we suggest periodically changing the password every 2 months at the latest for his/her own safety. On third-party gaining access to the account of a user who is in violation of the terms and conditions of www.rummypandit.com and plays games or withdraws funds, then it will be the full liability of the user to bear any loss, and all expenses incurred by them and www.rummypandit.com will not be liable to that user for any form of compensation. www.rummypandit.com will not disclose your password to any third parties unless are required to do so by law. www.rummypandit.com will never ask players for their passwords via telephone or email or any other means.


Players are restricted from using a username that, www.rummypandit.com considers as indecent, obscene, abusive, insulting, offensive or which is repeated/already used by some other users or that might subject www.rummypandit.com to public criticism or disrespect, as the case may be, www.rummypandit.com reserves the right, without giving any prior notice to the user, to restrict the usage of such names or terms or titles, which in www.rummypandit.com’s opinion fall within any of the above categories and/or change ourselves such username and inform the player or delete such username and posts from www.rummypandit.com and deny such players to access www.rummypandit.com.


The personal information that www.rummypandit.com requests upon registration is to be fully and accurately completed. These may include a valid, first, and last name, username, password, e-mail address, date of birth, address, bank information, mobile phone number and home telephone number (if available), as well as KYC documents for data from a valid ID or Passport (photo identity, Pan card). As this rummy game is not legally permitted in certain states of India, the player should select his proper state and location, in case the player breaches any of the above policies or provides incorrect information then the player’s account will be immediately terminated permanently and www.rummypandit.com, will withhold any prize money and/or cancel any account withdrawals. 

If the player changes any data, then the concerned player is required to immediately update, change, or notify www.rummypandit.com of the changes. Players can notify these changes via e-mail which may be sent to techquery@www.rummypandit.com 

www.rummypandit.com can demand at any time any additional documents from you to verify the information provided by you or if required by other legal and controlling agencies failing which we reserve the right to terminate your account/registration from our website.

www.rummypandit.com may from time to time, attempt to authenticate players accounts through a phone call, email or courier. If we fail to contact you after the third attempt, www.rummypandit.com bears no responsibility for the services being interrupted resulting in no contact with you. Under such circumstances, www.rummypandit.com reserves the right to prohibit you from logging into our website or reducing your play limits and/or add cash limits until your account is reasonably validated again. In such events, the player will be notified through email about the further steps regarding the player’s account authentication. KYC may be demanded from time to time.


Player whose account is accepted after completing the registration process the player has the right to use www.rummypandit.com and play the different variants of rummy game. It is the responsibility of the players to make sure that their hardware devices, software, and internet connections are up to date, functioning and have the necessary system requirements. Temporary disturbances may be experienced, including, but not errors, interruption of telecommunications, power outages, hardware and software failures, etc. that you have used to avail our services and therefore it is accepted by the player that www.rummypandit.com will not be held liable for the same and the player will not be indemnified for such factors in the disruption in the services and the player takes full responsibility with complete knowledge for any risk of loss or damages caused due to interruption of services for any such reasons.

The player undertakes and agrees to the fact that if he is unable to play in any game due to any error including technical or other glitches at www.rummypandit.com end, then the settlement of such games will be as per the "Games Cancellation and Payment Policy". 

The player agrees that www.rummypandit.com denies any liability in the case of games where there is no money paid by the player. The player also agrees that under no circumstances www.rummypandit.com shall be compelled or hold www.rummypandit.com liable to pay you any amount which will be over and above the service charges for any of the errors, omissions, or service disruption from our end.

www.rummypandit.com may carry out maintenance work and this maintenance work is conducted primarily for the purpose of safeguarding the server's security and integrity. If possible, Players shall be informed of maintenance periods in advance. games that have begun prior to such maintenance periods will not be extended, even though no gameplay can take place during maintenance periods. (“Game Simona | Game Station Pro + Website + Reward Coin”) 


Under no circumstances abusive behaviour is permitted on www.rummypandit.com. Such behaviour includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Intentionally entering faulty, false, incorrect, or incomplete information,
  • Creating multiple player accounts or creating player accounts without proper authorization,
  • Committing, or attempting to commit any offence, especially but not limited through the use of devices, software, or any script in association with the website that is intended to interrupt the functioning of the website,
  • Help a player to achieve better results than could be achieved through the sole use of regular game controls or negatively influence another player's game controls,
  • Intentionally causing an intrusion or error in order to influence a game, such as to cause the game to prematurely end,
  • Achieving or attempting to achieve a gain over other players through unethical conduct of any kind, such as through cheating, which could harm or jeopardize a fair competition,
  • Collaborating with other players in a way that could create an advantage over other users and hence reduce their opportunity for fair play and decrease their chances of winning,
  • Breach of any further rules or duties that are described in the general Terms of Services,
  • Posting, publishing, uploading, distributing or transmitting content through or on the website or through any service or facility including any messaging facility provided by the website which is defamatory, libellous, obscene, threatening, offensive of privacy, abusive, harassing, illegal, covers expressions of hatred, hurting religious sentiments, racial discrimination or pornography; is otherwise objectionable or undesirable would constitute an incitement to commit a criminal offence/or anything which is against the policies of www.rummypandit.com,
  • Violating the rights of any person or intellectual property of any person, 
  • Criticizing in any manner www.rummypandit.com or any of its affiliates, licensors, directors, partners, associates, sponsors, products, services, or websites,
  • Promoting a competing service or product; or violating any law,
  • Purchasing, selling, renting, leasing, trading, licensing, granting a security interest in, or transferring player account, content, currency, points, standings, rankings, ratings, or any other attributes appearing in, originating from, or associated with the website,
  • Registering an account on www.rummypandit.com, being an officer, director, employee, consultant, or agent of www.rummypandit.com or any close relative of such persons.

The abuse of any/either of the above clauses will result in instant termination of his account and his balance amount in our account will be forfeited.


One of the most key features of www.rummypandit.com is its FAIR PLAY POLICY.

To prevent any unfair play in our rummy game website, the data of all players actions which include deposits, identity, verification, rummy games, individual hands are continuously monitored to ensure a safe, legal, and fair environment for all the players. Rummy is an individual game and not teamwork. Every single game must be an individual’s fair effort. So, as part of www.rummypandit.com’s FPP and to prevent any cheating in any rummy game, all the players' actions are monitored and recorded. We use machine learning and artificial intelligence extensively to monitor gameplays to check and detect extraordinary patterns of winning or losing. www.rummypandit.com then manually checks such patterns to identify any illegal activity such as cheating, fraud, money laundering etc. If we discover any breach of our FPP, such as and not limited to, fraudulent deposits under a stolen identity or conspiracy in gameplay, shall result in an instant and strict action such as blocking the player from our website will be taken.

The player agrees that he himself will play all the games that he has registered or joined, and he will not use any form of external help to play the game. The player shall not add illegal elements, create, or use cheats, bots, hacks, or any other third-party software designed to modify the website or use any third-party software that intercepts, mines, or otherwise collects information from or through the website or through any services. 

If any attempt is employed by the player to any such external assistance which is strictly prohibited by us, then it may result in termination of his account and his balance amount in our account will be forfeited.

Forming of teams and collusion between the player and any other player/players for participating in our game or indulging in any form of cheating is strictly prohibited on our rummy game platform. Such collusions or cheating, if detected, www.rummypandit.com shall have the right to settle the game as per our “Game Cancellation and Settlement Policy" and may take further appropriate action against the offending players. 

Money Laundering: You are forbidden from doing any activity on this website that can be formulated as money laundering, including without any limitations, trying to withdraw cash from the unutilized cash which has been added through a credit card or if you are deliberately losing money to a few or specific player(s). 

Anti-SPAMMING: www.rummypandit.com strictly prohibits sending spam emails or any other form of unwelcome communication on the website or other services to benefit themselves in any promotional program of www.rummypandit.com


Any kind of bonus, special offer, referral bonus, or any promotional offer will be offered only at the sole discretion of www.rummypandit.com management and the player will be benefitted from these offers only if he does not indulge in any kind of malpractice or fraud whatsoever. www.rummypandit.com management can stop any offers without giving any prior notice. These offers may be offered to you as service credit.


All your transactions record is maintained with us after you open a user account with us. You can add cash by various modes such as debit / credit cards, net banking, UPI, wallets. All the game fees payments in cash games must be made through your account only on www.rummypandit.com. All cash prizes won by you are credited by us into the same user account. 

While adding cash on www.rummypandit.com, you must ensure that the instrument used to make the payment is your own and is used to add cash into your player account only. You cannot add cash more than INR 50,000 to your account if you are not KYC verified user. 

www.rummypandit.com will not be responsible for any delay or denials in payments through third-party payment gateways at their end. Such payments shall be processed solely as per the terms of their policies and procedures and without our liability or risk at our end. If there are any issues in connection with adding cash, a complaint may be sent to us on techquery@www.rummypandit.com.

Player funds are held in trust by us in particular bank accounts. www.rummypandit.com keeps all players' funds unencumbered which will be remitted to the players in due course, subject to the terms and conditions which are laid down in our withdrawal clause. The player agrees that his account balance/funds held with www.rummypandit.com is interest-free. If there is any insolvency proceeding is brought against www.rummypandit.com which is highly impossible, the players claim on the deposits will be given the first choice over all other claims to the extent permissible by law.


A player may withdraw his/her winnings by means of his/her registered bank account with our electronic bank transfer system.

A player can withdraw cash only from his/ her winning amount only. 

A player cannot withdraw an amount less than Rs.200/- in a single request. 

A player can withdraw a maximum of Rs.2,00,000/- in a day. The player agrees that all withdrawals will only be permitted after you upload your KYC documents and are verified by www.rummypandit.com. The following is the list of documents that can be considered valid are following:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Voter ID card
  • Bank Account Statement
  • Bank Passbook

The player can opt to withdraw winning money from his/her user account at any time, by sending us his/her withdrawal request.

Once we receive a request for withdrawal from the player’s side and after verifying the withdrawal request, we may disburse the specified amount in the player’s registered account with us or disburse the amount on the financial instrument used to add cash to the player’s user account

If the player requests withdrawal via cheque, then we will disburse the specified amount to the player through cheque by delivering it to his registered postal address.

We expect the player to deposit the cheque within 90 days from the date of dispatch, we will deem the cheque to have been lost and reserve the right to cancel the cheque with necessary instructions to stop payment of the respective cheque if it is not deposited in 90 days from the date of dispatch of the cheque. 

Winning’s withdrawals of player’s will be processed as soon as possible, however, there could be delays due to the time required for verification and completing the withdrawal process. www.rummypandit.com shall not be liable to pay the players any form of compensation for the reason of delays in remitting payments to his/her user account. 

Only Indian residents are eligible to win a prize on www.rummypandit.com, provided you should not belong from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Assam, Odisha, Nagaland, Sikkim, Meghalaya and any other state or city in India where it is not legal to play online cash games.

All prizes shall be subject to deduction of tax (“TDS”) as per the Income Tax Act, 1961. The TDS rate prescribed by the Government of India with respect to any prize money amount that is more than Rs. 10,000/- is 30%. TDS of 30% shall be deducted on net winnings (Prize Money Amount - Game Fees - Cash Bonus). In case of any revisions by the Government of India to the above rate in the future, TDS will be deducted by www.rummypandit.com in accordance with the then-current prescribed TDS rate. Winners will be provided TDS certificates in respect of such tax deductions. 

To be eligible to win a prize, you must be a resident of India and accessing the services of www.rummypandit.com on the website from India, but not from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Assam, Odisha, Nagaland, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Karnataka and any other state or city in India where it is not legal to play online cash games.


All content and material on the website including but not limited to software, games, marks, contests, advertisements, written content, multimedia clips, information, images, logos, designs, pictures, graphics, text content, illustrations, hyperlinks, animation, games, and software whether belonging to www.rummypandit.com or not, are protected by applicable intellectual property laws. In addition, we are free to record and use, in any manner whatsoever, all chat content, images, emails, recommendations sent by any member or user while playing rummy, they form a part of the content of www.rummypandit.com. As www.rummypandit.com may contain information about or hyperlinks to third party’s apps/website, www.rummypandit.com will not be responsible in any manner and do not extend any express or implied warranty to the quality, accuracy or integrity of the content belonging to such third-party websites. If the players rely on any third-party content posted on www.rummypandit.com which does not belong to www.rummypandit.com, the players will be doing so exclusively at their own risk and liability. 

Players are exclusively responsible for both publicly posted or privately transmitted materials that they post, upload, e-mail or otherwise make available on www.rummypandit.com (“Players Content"). 

Each player represents and warrants that he/she is the owner of all Intellectual Property Rights in the players content and that no part of the players content infringes any third-party rights. Players further agree that he/she will not display or use of the names, marks, logos, labels, titles, trademarks, copyrights, or intellectual and proprietary rights of any third party on www.rummypandit.com. Players agree to indemnify and hold harmless www.rummypandit.com, its directors, employees, officers and assigns against all loss, costs, damages and harm including towards litigation costs and legal fees of advocates, in respect of any third party claims that may be initiated including for infringement of Intellectual Property Rights arising out of such display or use of the names, marks, logos, labels, titles, trademarks, copyrights or intellectual and proprietary rights on www.rummypandit.com, by such player or through the players’ commissions or omissions of such acts.


Games cancellation and settlement policy will come into effect only in the event, a cash game is cancelled by www.rummypandit.com due to any reason which may include but will not be limited to any glitches technical or otherwise on www.rummypandit.com or due to some player/players involved in any form of violating our FPP.

Under such circumstances the following settlement policy shall be followed by www.rummypandit.com:

Points Rummy Cash Games: If in the event of cancellation of a Points Rummy Cash Game due to the above-mentioned factor, then the table balance of each player is returned to the amount at the beginning of the cancelled cash game and will be credited back to each player’s account. But where there is collusion or cheating in the game then the fees of such players will be forfeited and in addition, www.rummypandit.com will take against players engaging in such activities as per the terms. 

Pool Rummy Cash Games: In the event of cancellation of a Pool Rummy Cash Game, the sum of entry fees less our service charge paid by players eliminated prior to the round when the cash game was cancelled, shall be equally distributed among the remaining players. But where there is collusion or cheating in the game the entry fee paid by other players will be refunded to them and the entry fee paid by players indulging in collusion or cheating will be forfeited and will be dealt with as per the terms of www.rummypandit.com.

Tournaments: In the event of cancellation of a Cash Tournament Game, the sum of all entry fees less our service charge paid by players who are eliminated prior to the round when the cash game was cancelled, shall be equally distributed among the remaining players. But where there is collusion or cheating in the game the entry fee paid by other players will be refunded to them and the entry fee paid by players indulging in collusion or cheating will be forfeited and will be dealt with as per the terms of www.rummypandit.com.


Once you create an account with www.rummypandit.com, it is presumed that you have allowed us and opt-in to receive notifications regarding exclusive offers, updates, contests, account activity details and others through modes like SMS, email, or any other communication mode. 

We will be displaying all the details of various promotions in the promotions section on www.rummypandit.com. Every promotion will be having its own terms and conditions and will be explained on their respective pages. All the cash or deposit bonuses may have additional terms and conditions and may differ from each other according to the applicable bonus plans. The bonus offer may not be claimed in combination with any other bonus offers currently offered by www.rummypandit.com. Once you activate the bonus code, and if you have any previous bonus codes then that previous code will expire automatically. You will only receive disbursements from the active bonus code. All the games, contests, bonuses, and cashback offer mentioned under the promotions section may be cancelled or discontinued by www.rummypandit.com at any time without giving any prior notice and without any liability on www.rummypandit.com whatsoever, except refund of entry fee, if applicable.


If in the event of a breach of any of the Terms and Conditions and after being evidenced from our investigation or if there is reasonable ground to believe, then in our sole discretion, that your continued access to the website is harmful to the interests of www.rummypandit.com or our other users or the general public, we may in our sole discretion take any or all of the following actions:

  • Restrict games for users suspected of colluding or cheating,
  • Permanently suspend your user account on the website,
  • The cash balance of such users will be forfeited,
  • www.rummypandit.com may demand compensations for breach of Terms of Service and take suitable civil action to recover such damages, and/or initiate prosecution for violations that amount to offences in law,
  • Any illegal activity of such users will be forwarded to the legal or governmental authorities, and entities including banks, payment gateways, processors, or other financial institutions,
  • If you are found in material breach, then we reserve the right to bar you from future registration on the website.

The decision of www.rummypandit.com on the action to be taken because of breach shall be final and binding on you. Any action taken by www.rummypandit.com shall be without prejudice to our other rights and remedies available in law or equity.


In case of any complaints or queries, you should contact us at techquery@www.rummypandit.com.

Our operational address is Unit No 61, Sanjay Building No 1, Ajay Mittal Industrial CHS, Marol Naka, Andheri East, Mumbai 400059 complaints should be made immediately. Our customer support team is always eager to support you and to help you to solve your problems. 

By lodging a complaint with us you accept that the disputes will remain confidential both whilst a decision is sought and afterwards. You hereby agree and undertake that you shall not disclose the existence, nature or any detail of any complaint or dispute to any third party. At our end, we shall make efforts to resolve complaints at the earliest. Our decision on complaints shall be final and binding on you. 

www.rummypandit.com shall make efforts to resolve complaints within two working days.


  • www.rummypandit.com at its end does not undertake to safeguard or guarantee continuous, secure, error-free, or virus-free operation of the website or its content including software, games, your user account, the transactions in your user account or continued operation or availability of any facility on the website,
  • To the extent permitted under law, www.rummypandit.com shall not be accountable for any damage resulting from downloading or gaining access to any information or material, games, products, the quality of the server,
  • www.rummypandit.com shall not be liable for the cancellation of competition and prizes,
  • RUMMYAPNDIT.COM, nor its, directors, employees, officers, professional associates, advisors, shall be responsible for the deletion, the failure to store, the non-delivery, or the untimely delivery of any information or material,
  • Any downloads, material accessed, or otherwise obtained through www.rummypandit.com is done at the user's discretion, competence, acceptance and risk, and the user will be solely responsible for any possible damage to user's computer system, mobile phones, laptops, etc or loss of data that results from a user’s download of any such material,
  • www.rummypandit.com shall make best efforts to ensure that the www.rummypandit.com is error-free and secure, however, neither www.rummypandit.com nor any of its directors, employees, officers, professional associates, advisors, makes any warranty as to the meeting of user requirements and expectations,
  • www.rummypandit.com reserves the right at its sole discretion to rectify its error in including or determining winners or in the transfer of amounts to a user’s account,
  •  www.rummypandit.com) reserves the right at its sole discretion to rectify the error in such manner as it deems fit, including through a set-off of the erroneous payment from amounts due to the user or deduction from the user's account of the amount of erroneous payment. Under such circumstances, www.rummypandit.com agrees to notify the user regarding the error and of the remedy/remedies to rectify the same,
  • Any www.rummypandit.com services, events, or contest/contests to be hosted or provided or intended to be hosted on www.rummypandit.com requires any specific permission or authority from any statutory authority or any state or the central government or the board of directors and if such permission is not granted then such services, events or contest(s) shall be deemed cancelled or terminated. Under such circumstances, the players shall not be entitled to raise any claims, demands, on any nature whatsoever,


The mode of refund by www.rummypandit.com at its sole discretion will be under the following circumstances: -

Accidental transactions –In case of any accidental deposit or other similar events on www.rummypandit.com, the transaction amount if not utilized, you may request for a refund of such cash credit transaction ("Refund") within three working days of initiating such transaction. After establishing in our sole discretion if such refund request is authentic, and that you have the necessary cash balance in your accounts, will process the refund request within seven working days. Any refund will be carried out only to the instrument which was used to carry out the corresponding add cash transaction, and no requests for an alternate mode of refund will be entertained under any circumstances.

Fraudulent transactions –In case of a fraudulent cash credit that was not authorized by the user and has been credited to another user’s account who has not yet utilized the funds of such a transaction, the www.rummypandit.com shall process the refund request within 15 working days after establishing whether such refund request is genuine and determining that another user has the requisite corresponding cash balance pertaining to the fraudulent transaction.

Fraudulent transactions –In case of a fraudulent cash credit that was not authorized by the user and has been credited to either your account or another user’s account and the funds of such a transaction are utilized, www.rummypandit.com shall extend its full co-operation to the banks and other investigating authorities and provide all requisite details of the user who has utilized the proceeds of the fraudulent transaction. www.rummypandit.com shall not process any refunds to you, in this scenario and your sole recourse shall lie with the issuing authority of the credit instrument.


Any dispute or claim arising out of the present agreement or with the terms and conditions of www.rummypandit.com shall be first resolved by arbitration as per the then arbitration law prevailing in India. Either of the parties is at liberty to firstly appoint an arbitrator of their choice and the other side will agree for the same or otherwise. The arbitral award made thereby shall be final and binding upon both parties.


The terms and privacy policy shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of India. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of the terms or privacy policy shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Civil Courts in Mumbai, India.


www.rummypandit.com only offers its services in India. Playing rummy online is 100% legal. As per Supreme Court's decision, it is legal to play rummy cash games online for free in India (except for the states of Assam, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka).

If a player enters false information regarding his residence, then www.rummypandit.com may exercise its right to restrict him/ her to play on www.rummypandit.com and such accounts will be deleted, and the account balance amount will be forfeited.


You are free to discontinue use of the services on our website at any time by informing us of your desire to do so by sending an email to us at techquery@www.rummypandit.com. While requesting, please make sure to tell us the time duration for which you want to keep yourself blocked from the platform. You must mention all your details in the mail. If there is balance cash in your account, then after subtracting any promotional money, we will pay out the same to you by online transfer or by cheque in a timely manner, subject to satisfactory verification. The blocking will come into effect within twenty-four working hours of the request and cannot be reversed till the time duration requested for blockage by you. To unblock, you can write to us at techquery@www.rummypandit.com. The unblocking will come into effect within 24 working hours of your request.


If your account has been inactive for 330 days, www.rummypandit.com will deduct the available balance in your account. The accounts that are blocked due to malpractices or breach of any FPP, shall receive no reminders, and the unused funds in such accounts shall be subject to the terms of our FPP.


www.rummypandit.com’s directors, employees, consultants and agents of and any of their immediate relatives, are barred from participating in cash games in any manner, except for testing purposes under a monitored environment.

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